Tasty Beverages

Enter the Vale

A Cleric, an Elf, and a Robot Walk Into a Bar...

The Beginning

Adventurers head North along the Nentir River, each with their own purposes. As the boat approaches the fork where the White River meets, a tree smashes down into the river ahead of them, forcing them up the White River instead, where they encounter a small ambush. Two lizardmen and a kobold, no doubt expecting easy prey on an unguarded trade vessel, board the boat to find irritated occupants.

A small group of armed passengers fight off the assailants, coming together as acquaintances in the process. Stopping in the town of Albridge to wait for passage on to Fallcrest the group finds themselves in the local tavern and are approached by the town elder, who asks them if they could assist in clearing out a small dungeon under the town, which used to serve as a storehouse and mill long ago, and has recently been occupied by what they believe are goblins. The creatures make raids on the town at night, stealing supplies in the dark, a definite nuisance but as of late they are more bold, and prone to destruction, than before. He offers the adventurers 25 gold a piece to clear the subterranean structure.

Having nothing better to do, or perhaps bound by the desire to perform good deeds in some cases, the disjointed party agrees and enters the dungeons.

In the entryway they come upon a few goblins milling about, and dispatch them, keeping one for interrogation. The cleric, in a bout of darkness insists on the more brutal interrogation of said goblin and talks the ranger into it. The overzealous ranger accidentally inflicts mortal wounds upon the goblin before any real worthwhile information can be extracted from him.



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